Honourable Son – Sermon on Mark 10.

Jesus is leaving Jericho with His disciples. There is a great crowd following him. Out of this crowd comes a piercing shout. Have mercy on me oh son of David!

What ensues is a fascinating interaction. Read More


Beyond the Grave – A Sermon on Faith

Since the dawn of man, our pursuit has been captured in myths and fairy-tales. There is one thing we ultimately seek. Immortality. The question we have never stopped to answer is what we would do with it. What is life without the impending doom of death lurking at the door? We find it very difficult to imagine. In this, we are not alone. Read More

Mugged, Tied Up, Free.

Breathing hard, the crisp air motivates my lungs. The sun just announcing its arrival as the darkness slowly dissipates before my beam of light. It is a lonely battle to the top. My mind is engaged in a riveting story 1000 miles away providing some relief from the burning in my legs.

I hear only two beats, like the sound my heart stopping. I lose my balance. It makes no sense! I hit the gravel hard! My mind, yanked back from paradise, is racing, trying to interpret all the data. I am on my feet quickly, facing the anomaly. Read More

Wag the Dog

There is a country ruled by dogs. Royal decree requires that they are circumcised from birth. Not the foreskin, but the tail is lost.

For a generation, they have known no tails. They have also known no speed or running but have been restricted to a slower means of travel. This seemed more dignified after all. Read More