The power of perspective…

Turn to clear visionI started this blog as an avenue to express my take on life. Jip, you guessed it, just like every other blogger… 🙂 Difference is that I aim to share with you my journey of discovery, not about the mundane activities or occurrences that make every day worth living, but instead on the effect that has, or should have on our approach to life. Call it a search for the ideal perspective, the rules that would determine and govern the cause and effect relationships in a Utopia, supposing such rules exist to be uncovered in the first place. ;p

If they do, it would be really fun to share with you how they pan out in the not so perfect, rather confusing world we love and call home and the chaos that naturally ensues when things don’t work out like we expected. If they don’t, well, it would still be fun to waste my time and yours exploring the possibility. You never know what revelation discourse might uncover… If I may paraphrase John Stuart Mill in his theory on Liberalism, he argues that even if one has certainty that something is true, one still has very good reason to subject that belief to rigorous scrutiny.

I will therefore start this blog in demonstrating the power of perspective at the hand of an example:

It is impossible to change the past. It is possible to change the future effects of past actions. If we change the future outcome of a past event, have we not in effect changed the past? if this is so all we need then, to change the impossible to the possible, is a fresh perspective.



  1. Maggii · November 13, 2012

    Dear Messenger,
    Fab!! Looking forward to your view points and discussions. You may have opened a door – through the grace of GOD – that we all seek. What will we find in this room? Maybe – a new adventure, unfamiliar paths, necessary beginnings and most of all experiencing GOD in His magical way. May this road that you have chosen – rise up to meet you! All the best my Friend!! Maggii, x

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