Swazi Diaries ’13 – Day 1

And so we embark on an 8-day adventure to Swaziland. I have little reference with which to benchmark my expectation. It is a tough start as I know I will be fasting all food and drink bar water for the next 8 days. (Still sounds crazy, I know, I will only manage this with divine intervention.)

The bus trip was by far the worst I have ever made, freezing all the way there. (This turned out to set the trend for the rest of the trip.) Considering I had also fasted coffee, the only thing I could consume, water, made me even colder.  All this added to my confirmation of my inability to scale this mountain on my accord.szaf

I slept most of the trip there, which ended up being 10 hours instead of 8. I interacted very little on the bus, partly because of the realisation of the task ahead and partly due to my freezing condition, not exactly encouraging social discourse.

We arrived there at 16:00 and immediately started putting up camp. There was a slight break in weather so we did this in a mere drizzle.

Everybody was scrambling to get their own tents set up. Funny how we get lured into survival mode so quickly? Part of our carnal nature I suppose. Other people come second when our comfort is compromised, until it has been restored. Very Maslow…

Our view for the next 8 days

I was on bus service the first day with my chore team. This turned out to be a good thing since no-one had the chance to tread dirt in yet. (Small mercies) 🙂 Fortunately for me dinner was rather chaotic, so I didn’t have any issues with my fast.

We also had a prayer chain running straight through the night. I was the lucky winner of a 1-2 am slot on the first night. This was quite a challenge as we could sense some insecurity regarding our expectation and what we might encounter, but we were excited none the less.

Thoughts after day 1:

  • I know I need to fast and intercede
  • I am counting the cost of my silent sacrifice
  • I am here to serve

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