The Quintessence of Life

the secret life of walter mittyLessons from ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’. This story changed my life. It captures so well where the real essence lies. Here is a man that has spent his whole life looking at the pictures from the lives and experiences of others. In his mind, he has never done anything significant or noteworthy and feels like a failure.

He goes on an incredible journey that gives him a story to tell, only to realise what he had all along.

Walter Mitty had something plenty of us miss. We often get so caught up in the rat race, the pursuit of happiness and success and value that our lives slip by. Walter, he had a skill. He had the ability to appreciate beauty. His job was to appreciate art and moments frozen in time. Experiences captured in the blink of an eye held meaning for him.the little things

This while I live my life chasing goals and ideals and dreams. In itself, it is not a bad thing. What I realised is that the true value of life lies in slowing down, not speeding up. It lies in appreciating what I have and not in pursuing what I want.

Life is the small everyday things; those moments that pass me by when I am not present.

The quintessence of life lies in learning to recognise and celebrate true beauty.82440.original-9888


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