Swazi Diaries ’13 – Day 3

Today is Sunday – church day. We packed out all the chairs then enjoyed another cold shower while everyone else was enjoying breakfast. (I made a point of it to have an intercession period after our morning group sessions before breakfast while everyone else showered.)

I was seriously hungry today and really did not know how I would make the next 5 days. I also had no idea what the ministry would look like during the service.
The worship was incredible. Honestly, I could not understand too much since most of it was in either Zulu or SiSwati. One thing I can tell you, African people know how to worship the Lord. There is a presence and an exuberant joy about it. I could not help but think of David and his dancing before the ark. The freedom I experienced made such an impacted that I am still seeking it at the Lord’s feet for us reserved Western cultures.

Our outreach leader was immediately called forward to speak. She wasted no time and started with prophetic ministry to the worship leader and our translators. The spiritual atmosphere shifted in this moment and released unquenchable favour on us in the presence of the local people. Thereafter she delivered a sermon on love and value, wow!! It was almost like I could hear God Himself speaking.

She called the whole team forward, and BAM! She tells us to listen for words of knowledge regarding who has sickness or disease, when we get it, call it out and let those people come forward for prayer. Pandemonium!!
To me, this was a stretch, and not like, oh, that’s uncomfortable, more like, ‘This is SPARTA!!’ kick me into the ocean and expect me to float, kind. I have never really flowed in healing or words of knowledge for that matter. So I will tell you what happened. I bet you I was more surprised that you will be.

Pastor and service while ministry team prays for people.

Pastor and service while ministry team prays for people.

The first person I prayed for – Pain in the abdomen. I prayed a simple prayer. Done! Healed! Such was my unbelief when she told me the pain was gone I asked the translator to ask her if she was sure… (Me, of little faith!) Second person – pain in her ribs, seemed to be a pain of the actual bone. One prayer, done! Next lady had pain in both her knees. I received a word of knowledge to pray for the restoration of the cartilage. (This in itself was impressive)I was obedient, prayed accordingly, and believe it or not, both knees healed in an instant, had her jumping around like a crazed person. (Just to paint the picture, this was happening all around the room with the whole ministry team, just unbelievable!)

The next lady had pain in both her legs, worse on the right, in the upper thigh region. I prayed once, the one was better, the other leg still the same. I prayed again when she said the pain had moved to her foot? I prayed again, and it went back to the upper leg. Strangest thing, but then, measured against all the other things I just witnessed, perfectly normal! I suspected translation challenges. She stood up to leave but asked first that we pray for her eyes. Her eyes were milky with cataracts to such an extent that her vision was very poor. (In my head I’m telling myself this lady must be crazy!) Somehow I muster up the courage to pray for what seems impossible in my mind, but hey, this is God’s work and His logic works differently. I prayed once! Beyond my belief, for the first time in about 8 years, she could see! I asked the lady who was ministering with me to pray a second time, perfect restoration, eye site fully restored!!

What an amazing service and amazing experience! This was the first time I had seen people healed through me. Always thought this kind of stuff was reserved for special people, even though we get taught differently. I believe this stuff happens, but to other people, in other parts of the world.

The rest of the day was really tough. It is my threshold day as far as fasting goes. I have never gone longer than 3 days before. I am very hungry and I have no energy. I am literally counting my steps. Some of us decided to walk down to the close by river to see the crocodiles that roam there. In Swaziland, nature and people live intertwined lives unlike in most parts of S.A.

After this, I took some down time in my tent and had a serious chat with God about the intense manual labour that was set to start tomorrow. I am very weak but want to carry my weight. I am here to serve; the deal was that I would fast as long as it does not influence the mission, serving the community. This is not about me, and skimping on my workload because of my weakness that is self-inflicted, that is pretty selfish in my book. He will have to provide and intervene. There is also a team that will be painting the roof. I will not be happy to be put on it as I will feel the outreach leader will have put me there because she feels sorry for me. This will contravene the agreement I made with the Lord about this…


  • Not really sure. Everything I thought I knew was shattered in a single day.
  • There is so much to learn of the spiritual, but also from the African people. We, Westerners, think we have it dialled, in some aspects, I’m just not so sure anymore.
  • My mind is not keeping up…
  • Very privileged to see God work through unity in a way that blew my expectation and faith out of the water.
  • Sounds like jibberish cause it is. The CPU in my head is overheating. 🙂 (Now if I could only find a way to switch it off for a couple of days, or ignore it?)

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