About Time

I watched this movie on the insistence of my fiance. I am not a drama man.

I was pleasantly surprised! I do not write reviews, however, and would like to only share with you what this film dropped in my heart.

Here is a man who can travel back in time and therefore has the power to control his destiny. Often when we see stories like this, it comes with an ill-grounded morality that ends with the person using time travel to his advantage.

This young man gets faced with exactly such a decision. He needs to decide between the first love of his life who never liked him, and his current girlfriend. She is finally into him and he has had a crush on her since forever. He realises that he can go back to change the conception of the relationship his in so that he is single when he sees this childhood sweetheart again, instead, his maturity ensures that he realise should he follow such a path, he will live the rest of his life second guessing each of his decisions. Not only that, but he will go through his entire life constantly weighing what he has against what he cold have, and constantly wanting to go back to choose the best alternative. A life such as that would mean you are always searching for better and more, never truly satisfied and never truly happy. What does he do? He asks his current girlfriend to be his wife!! The weight of that just blew my mind!

In his last conversation with his dad, he receives great advice. His dad tells him to live every day from that day forward, twice. Once as he normally would, and the second, because he knows everything that will happen, slower. Paying attention to the intricate beauties, the small things in life that ultimately determine its significance.

Over time he finds that he no longer has to live every day twice as he is living the first day as he would the second. He then stops travelling in time altogether.

The magic of this is that he realises if we live every day to its full potential, appreciating the beauty and value of life, even in the unfortunate, once is enough.

Let me live in the present and let tomorrow worry about itself. Let me see more value in memories of a life well lived than photographs needing to remind me of the memories I never gained. Let us appreciate moments and add value not to tomorrow, but to today.


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