Swazi Diaries ’13 – Day 4

And it was evening and it was morning the 4th day. 😛 not really, we had our prayer session from 4 to 5 today. The first night of almost normal sleep. We actually spent some time in prayer and intercession for the day’s activities instead of just processing the overload our minds have still not had the time to digest.

So it happened that I was on the building team. Our fearless leader had some concern but trusted with me that God would come through.

We arrived to the information that we had to dig holes for the poles of the fence to be cemented. Seventeen of them. This sounds like a breeze, pretty much like we have come to expect from everything on a mission trip right. And oh, it was. We had to dig holes 60cm by 60cm that had to be 90cm deep. All of this was made so much more convenient and easy by the use of rudimentary tools the locals had at their disposal for all the other structures they raised. You guessed it, we started with a pik, this worked for the first 30cm or so since the space in the hole got too little after which we resorted to rather crude metal staffs like angle irons with a sharp end that we would drive into, I would say soil, but this would be a misleading term. I believe grainy clay would be a more accurate description. The really hard, convenient type. We used creativity as shovels to remove this grainy substance from the holes we so elegantly carved out of the jealous earth. Yes, buckets, paint can lids, any spade-like surface really.

The beauty of my experience on this day though, that is something I have trouble describing. God came through in such a way as I had never seen or expected. I experienced such joy and energy that I was tackling this task with abnormal enthusiasm and tenacity, singing and whistling. The locals must have thought I was crazy… they may have been right. One of my accountability partners gave me this feedback later. ‘It is because of your spirit that the spirit of the group was lifted to continue in the face of the mounting challenge.” What he was referring to was the 9 extra holes we had sweat through that turned out to be unnecessary. That has a way of oozing unspeakable joy from the sweat glands of those labouring so resiliently in love.

We really just worked the entire day, but it was such an incredible experience for me I can scarce forget it. I was the recipient of incredible blessing in the way God came through for me this day. Far above my greatest expectations or imaginings.

There were only 6 people who knew about my fast at this time, 2 accountability partners, the mission leader and her husband, and two women who approached me after they noticed my absences from the dinner table. This means today’s victory was a very personal one. I could not share it with too many people. But oh the joy I felt,  the immense relief and gratitude for a father so loving and supportive, so lavishly pouring out love on His kids.

God has also started journeying me through the book of Hebrews. It is a book about faith and the fathers of faith. Funny how He works. 🙂


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