A Widow’s Good Work

It was another day on the job, visiting clients. Somehow though, today
left an impression. I was called in as a specialist consultant to a
company who want the product I am a specialist in.
What I found was a story I was not prepared for. A lady called Hettie
is the owner of a small family business that is rather successful.
This sounds like a great story. Let me create some context for you.

She inherited this business from her husband after his passing.
Challenge was that he had done no financial planning for those who were
left behind. Apart from this, she was left with a going concern and no
operational knowledge. This now her only means of supporting herself,
she was thrown into the deep end and had to learn to swim.
She did remarkably well! Unlike most wives in this situation, after
years of long hours and hard work, she has made a success of it.
What struck me during this discussion, however, was that she wishes her
husband had made provisions for his wife’s support. This got me

This got me thinking about the responsibility of a husband as far as insurance goes
and what the role of the husband is. That is not the point here, however. We were not the first people from our industry to come to her. She has been hacking it out for a couple
of years now. Sadly, the reason we were requested to come
there was because she started wondering about the advice she had
received previously. During our discussion, she realised that she had
been taken advantage of all the years by the very people and
institutions that were meant to help her.

I couldn’t help but wonder. Does not God look after the widows and the
orphans Himself?? Why then allow this poor lady to be so cheated?
Is it not our responsibility to look after our orphans and widows? Do
we really do our part of caring for the downtrodden and desolate and
vulnerable within our communities?

Father, bless Hettie and her business. Thank you for standing guard
for her and protecting and providing for her until all her oil jars
are filled to the brim. Teach us what it means to be a community. To not live in isolation, each bearing our own cross, but bearing each other’s crosses together,
helping them to cast those burdens unto You!!

Let us all make a difference every day where we are given the
opportunity, even if it is only some loving honesty.


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