Swazi Diaries ’13 – Day 5

Today the praying started to get easier. 5-6 am, Yay!! It was such an amazing session where we started spiritual warfare and started to step out in authority to claim back the ground the enemy had taken. This was the word spoken over the outreach prior to the start.

Skipped breakfast for a nice cold shower and some intercession.

Today I was assigned the painting team at one of the sites we had not yet been. We are revamping an existing care centre there.

We are two teams here today. One paints while the other ministers. We were the first ministry team out and encounter the first woman on the outskirts of the community. I got the distinct impression she was shunned from society. She had a terrible hunch back and severe cataracts. I say this with the greatest love, but her back is so bad that when she walks she looks very much like a monkey, resting on her knuckles as her feet swing forward through her arms.

We ask her if there is anything we can pray for. (Kind of an obvious question, but it is about honouring the person and not just ministering to their physical dysfunction when their real needs lie on another level.) You know what she asked for? She asked that we pray for someone to be her helper. She does not want to have to do everything. I experienced plenty spiritual resistance in this entire interaction. To me that is a new feeling, I can’t explain it, so I won’t try, just telling it like I experienced it.

After praying for her we walked down the street to a man her neighbours had referred us to. Also another outcast from society, living off scraps on the edges of the community. I immediately felt that I needed to engage in spiritual warfare. I prayed for light over the house and the community while walking around his house to take back the ground from the enemy. The fruit trees in the yard are disease ridden, the entire atmosphere feels heavy, uncomfortable and oppressive. I feel God drawing my attention to small buck horns that have been wedged into the door of his outhouse which I removed and threw away. (Swaziland is rife with witchcraft and ancestral worship.)

In the meantime, the rest of the team was busy getting the man on to his wheelchair and out of his house. He had a stroke which left his left side paralysed. He had partial use of his left arm, but his left leg was completely useless.

My one friend started to pray for complete healing and she felt pressed to ask him to do something he had not been able to do since his stroke. He picked his left foot up from the ground to place it on the wheelchair step. By the third time, he was successful! We could see how his faith and that of the interpreter was growing! She prayed again and asked him to stand up. He was unsure but with our help, he decided to do so. She held his hand and started to walk, and then he started to walk by himself! He was still unable to bend his left knee. She prayed, once, twice, third time, it bent as new!

The man was so excited that he did not want to stop walking. He got tired very quickly, but with every step, his strength grew. I experienced how the oppressive spirit lifted in that moment and a new freedom flooded the community! Breakthrough!

With this incredible experience, we moved back to the centre to tag in the other team and take over the painting duties. They had received prophetic insight into the colours and stories that were to be depicted in the murals on the wall and that the centre was a lighthouse in the centre of the community (which it was) that would give life and direction to all around it.

So it happens that we ended up painting the rest of the day. (TIA) I am very drained and need to take regular breaks. Despite this we managed a very good pace and progressed farther than expected or planned, completing 85% of the paint work on the day. It was anticipated the painting would take 3 days.

That evening we were invited to pastor Lasalette’s house for dinner and to baptise three of our fellow trips mates. This turned out to be somewhat of a challenge for me as I could not just ‘disappear’ for dinner but fortunately managed it. I am really tired, hungry and weak, but I am also learning such a lot about faith, discipline and living from every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Heb. 4:2 (Faith- with the leaning of the entire human personality on God in absolute trust and confidence in His power, wisdom and goodness.)

Tonight I pray again from 5-6 pm, before dinner. This works out perfectly and means that the midnight shifts are done for me. Something my tired and weak body can most certainly do without, Thank you, Lord Jesus. (I should well add, water has started to gain a taste, especially since it is all I have tasted apart from toothpaste for the last couple of days. Think my sense of taste might be sharpening up?)


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