Swazi Diaries ’13 – Day 7

Since all the work had been done, we decided that today would be a day for ministry. Of all the sites, we felt the greatest remaining need to be at the painting site, and oh, how led we were!

When we got there, we split up into 4 teams, two on each side of the nursery which was the centre point. Two teams interceded in the centre while 1 team each went out to minister. This was meant to be a 45-minute cycle which ended up as a 1:30 cycle. J Ha-ha, inside joke.

Intercession was amazing. We proclaimed God’s truth over the community and claimed back the territory. The ministry teams came back overwhelmed by God’s flexing of His muscles.

Finally our turn. The first woman we get to complains of pain in her lungs, been that way for about three years. We ask a few questions and have a fairly good indication that it is TB she is suffering from. Two of us pray for her and BAM! Gone. She says all the pain had disappeared, just like that. What?!

Our next ‘victims’ a guy and a woman, standing close together yet far apart. Turns out they are husband and wife and are having some challenges in their relationship. We happen to have two translators with us and split the two up ministering to them separately. What an experience! We saw a wife forgive her husband, we see the stone cold heart of a man melt in the hands of his heavenly Father. We finished the ministry with the two of them together, blessing and encouraging them in their situation.

As we turned the corner we see two women chatting. The first said she wanted prayer for constant pain in her foot, the second has had hip pain for an extended period to such an extent that she is in pain when she stands and dislikes walking due to the pain it causes. As we pray for her we get a word that it is related to her back. We straighten her legs and there it is, the back is so poorly aligned that the one leg is about 2cm shorter than the other. As we pray we see the alignment change back into place as the back straightens out. She gets up, and guess what? No pain! None whatsoever, for the first time in 7 years, no pain. Oh, how I wish I could explain to you how her eyes lit up!

Meanwhile, her friend seeing what has just transpired is expectant of her own victory, and in a way only God can, he heals her foot completely, no more pain, full flexibility and joy on her face!

The next person says only this, he wants us to pray for him for a job. While discerning this I experience God asking me to pray for an entrepreneurial spirit. This man has capacity far beyond his current reliance and blame of other people regarding his condition. The words spoken over his life were so profound that he started smiling so widely he couldn’t hide it. His demeanour had changed from a man whom the world has done wrong to a man empowered.

The last man and his family required encouragement and upliftment. Father came in and showed them how much He loves. Such a privilege to see a grown man cry with his son and daughter as God lavishly pours out His love on them!

What an experience seeing our heavenly Father strutting His stuff. He empowered us to finish earlier because He wanted to reveal His heart to us and to this community in a way I had never seen before. How humbled I am, how extraordinary is our God?

The evening ended with a ministry and debrief session with the team where we reflected, soaked in and honoured one another for what we experienced and saw during these unbelievable 7 days. How humbling! How truly great to see God working in a community that is in absolute unity!


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