Wash the dishes, save the world.

179321-heroes-marvelHave you ever seen Superman wash the dishes? What about Iron Man, or even the most grounded of the lot, Captain America? Nope, neither have I!

So here I am busy doing what I do every day. ‘What is that?’ you ask. Save the world of course. (That’s the beauty of writing; you get to say whatever you want…:)) Challenge is that through all this saving the world, (pretty full-time job as you can imagine) I never get time to wash the dishes.

Now, apart from all my other super powers, I am also able to read minds. And I know what you are thinking. ‘Everybody has 24 hours.’ This is true, and it’s not that I do not like washing them, I just feel there are more important things I could use the time for. (Here it comes again, you’re thinking, ‘I bet it would be pretty important after a few days when you start to breed super villains in your kitchen.’) Firstly, I never let it go long enough, and I enforce strict super villain counter measures.

So how does one balance the pressures of saving the world with the everyday responsibilities? Truthfully, I do not know, but as a mental exercise I will explore with you the theory. We shall call it theory X.

I believe that we need to discuss 3 forces of Kryptonite. The first is time management. Yes, the greatest villain of our time. Addressing this villain requires that we deal with his sidekick, since they always fly together, Ill Discipline. I believe that only big things are important, this is the villain’s greatest weapon.

Character is not built by great battles and superb victories, no, this is where great character is showcased. Character is built in the small everyday disciplines. In the managing of time and the focus on the small foxes are built men of valour and principle.

Superheroes are made in the 10 minutes you see them running through years of growth to showcase the character they built in glamorous battles for the rest of the 60 minutes. See, training and practice of disciple are boring. It has not entertainment value.

This is why you have never heard of me. I have not put in the hard yards to become a hero with character, I have just wanted the glamorous battles, all of which I have lost and fame has escaped me.

What is the third force you ask, well, It simple. It is the dragon scroll. Whosoever gazes upon it will gain a strength known only to God Himself.

There once was a man of humble beginnings and humble endings; a man who long after his death continues to change the world; a man whose greatest battle was in the small disciplines. His name was Brother Lawrence, and he changed the world, by washing dishes.

I write to you my fans and my soon to be fans, and I say this.

You too can unleash the superhero in you.

Let not glamour distract,

From the value unleashed in the kitchen,

Where super villains hatch,

If left unattended.


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