Timing the Beat

I am fascinated by time. There is something about it that grips the essence of my being. It may be that it’s perpetual progression inspires me. It never stops. It is always growing, expanding. When I think about time, I think about space and the theory that space is constantly expanding at the speed of light since light travels in all directions.

All of this explodes in my mind, every time I look down at my glass covered mechanical watch that so meticulously tracks the passing of our most precious and limited resource, time.

How much can we really learn about time by watching it pass by? I am not sure. What I have noticed is that understanding of time is not gained by watching the mechanisms of a brilliantly engineered device, but rather by watching how life itself responds to time.

There are two main schools of thought on this. Either you believe there is no higher being beyond time, in which case time has always been. Observing the responses of living organisms to time in an effort to ensure their survival in the midst of it may hint to some of the qualities of time that she imposes on all that exists.

The second school maintains there is some higher power outside of time that set time into motion and with her all of creation. Since all of creation we are able to observe operates within the structure of time it is fair to assume the higher power created everything subject to the qualities of time.

Either way, you will agree we are likely to learn much about the qualities of time by observing how all of nature responds to her.

I have noticed an ebb and flow in all of life. Think about the waves of the ocean, flushing out on the sand and then retracting back into the deep. This pattern really is everywhere; the moon and the sun, both on ebb and flow patterns, one taking 28 days and another only one. Periods of hiddenness and manifestation of varying degrees repeating itself on a colossal scale. The same can be said for the four seasons; a time to grow, a time to die, a time to spring forth new life.

I always imagined time as a straight line in our lives starting at one point and moving to another. How I operate within it is up to me and, as far as time is concerned, really has no consequence. I am re-evaluating this point of view. What if time, and as a result life, operates on a certain rhythm. A drum beat of time, setting a pace for all of creation, setting the tone to create whatever masterpiece you want?

Instead of conducting symphonies we turn them into terrible cacophony of noise and offence to our senses because we did not honour the beat. We have been misled by our untimely desires, fooled into making noise with no purpose, out of sync with all the world.

I am the man watching time, wondering. I am the man walking to a beat of a new drum, resonating through my feet and my heart and my mind. I am the man believing that for everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven.


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