Newton’s Third Law

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

This is a law of physics that I apply in my life. It is so engrained in my western way of thinking that I miss the fallacy in my own reasoning.

This law, if inappropriately applied to life, discounts the most crucial of all ‘nuances’ between objects and people. It ignores the capacity of choice.

My misapplication of this rule creates familiar and acceptable thinking in my life such as ‘I am a product of my circumstance’ or Post hoc ergo propter hocAll of this leads to only one outcome; reactiveness.

I start to live my life in response to my circumstances, other peoples’ actions or decisions or even my own.

This lends itself to one crucial error. I stop taking responsibility. I become an object that reacts to the impact of other objects in my life. I start accepting the status quo that was created by other people succumbing to the same crippling behaviour.

Before too long this becomes the driving force of my whole society. All victims of the same system their indecision has created.

Often times I have the audacity to blame God for this outcome further absolving myself of responsibility.

This makes sense. I am the object that has been impacted and resort myself to an equal and opposite reaction.

No! It is time that I renew my thinking. I cannot submit to this world and the system we create where there is always someone else that should take responsibility.

Responsibility belongs to the first person to realise the issue at hand. I choose to make a difference and trust that those small differences will start to add up. I trust others will wake up from the lethargy of passing the buck and stand up to be counted.

I am the change.


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