Point Break:Your own Journey

For some time now I have been contemplating a number of experiences I had of late. Precariously balanced on a knife edge just beyond my reach was a revelation so insignificant that I would overlook it.

Serendipity played its part. As Robert Greene, author of Mastery, would explain, it is the fruitful associations of an unencumbered mind put together by chance in just the right mix so as to bring forth creative connections.

It all came together when I watched the film, Point Break. The philosophical undertone of the film is somewhat off-beat and rather intriguing. What caught me off guard was how its main concept tied into another character I recently had the privilege of getting to know. His name is Atretes, the main character of As Sure as the Dawn by Francine Rivers.

Both stories taught me one essential truth. We are all responsible for our own journey. I am responsible for the path I take. Another person’s path is their own responsibility. Even when it crosses with my own or is intertwined with it.

This may seem obvious at first. When I consider my behaviour on a daily basis I realise that I may take the concept for granted, but do not practice it in the least. I often judge the behaviour and choices of others. All the more so when those choices or behaviour affect me. How am I to reconcile my behaviour with this new truth?

I am able to discard it as a limited view, which it probably is and disregard it in its entirety. I am generally quite good at this sort of reactive, emotional response. Alternatively, I could consider what it would mean if I changed my opinion.(Alas, my over-inflated ego almost stopped me from writing that last sentence.)

My reaction to the choices of others that affect my life reveals something about the way I think. Indeed, that I still harbour a victim mentally. I am still the product of my circumstance. This points to the reactive living I referred to earlier. Is there anything wrong with living that way? No, not at all. Most of society lives that way. You will fit in and be like everybody else.

I would, however, venture to say that you do not like the idea of conforming. Why? You are an individual. You were built as an individual. You were made to follow a unique path for a unique purpose. This culminates in the realisation that you always have the choice about how you react to something. No-one else can ever put you on the path you are on or keep you there.

I am not saying that we make bad stuff happen to us. I am saying that when other peoples’ choices affect us, we always choose how we react to it, whether actively or passively, and that determines your path.

I now look at life differently. I chose my path long ago, but have always attempted to take as many people along with me as I possibly can. I cannot. They need to chose a similar path of their own accord. The greatest gift I can ever give another is to choose actively the path they take, instead of pulling them with me in their own reactivity.

May your choices influences others to make their own. Let your chosen path be an inspiration and not a stumbling block.

Give others the freedom to do the same.


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