I find myself standing on a precipice.


I cannot see the other side of the chasm,

too many theories clouding my vision.

Will I stay on the side I know?

Free from challenges, pain and growth?


Will I be brave or stupid or free,

taking a leap into that which I cannot see?


This will define me.

A step, a choice, a hesitation, a submission.

Who am I, Who can I be?

How much do I believe in that which is in me?


What power does the chasm hold

when I know the real me is unconquerable?

“Cage the beast,” is I have always been told.

Hidden in phrases like “too young”, “too inexperienced”, “too bold”.


Maybe it’s time I decide

fully aware, awake, alive

to the chasm in my mind and in my heart.


Maybe Stan Lee was onto something,

“The greatest battle lies within.”

Sometimes I need to not think but act on first instinct.


It reveals my untethered heart,

beating and pleading for a chance to play its part.




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