Wag the Dog

There is a country ruled by dogs. Royal decree requires that they are circumcised from birth. Not the foreskin, but the tail is lost.

For a generation, they have known no tails. They have also known no speed or running but have been restricted to a slower means of travel. This seemed more dignified after all.

There came, by some fortune, into the kingdom a tail. Alone and unattached, it wondered around trying to convince the dogs that it was a valuable asset.

One day, the king passed him in the marketplace. He was of a previous generation and lost his tail in an unfortunate incident. So ashamed he was of this shortcoming that he made the royal decree that all tails be lost.

This was an opportunity for him to feel the wind in his hair once again as he stretched his legs like he had not done for a very long time.

The match was instant, the results unfathomable.

This is the story of how a tail changed a kingdom.


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